Sunday, January 31, 2010

Juz a trial....

I went to the salon that i usually go yesterday...changed my hairstyle that i doubt....hmm...watever it's, no harm to try (er....mayb ther are)... back to straight hair & i did actually highlighted... aiz....i feel dat i looked like ganster now TOTALLY NOT MY STYLE...hopefully the colour will becum nicer after i wash my hair...

so...dat's it ::

can see anot...?

closer view then...

I took these pic using webcam..that's why ther're not clear enough...jz feel lazy to walk all along the way to downstair-->get my camera-->transfer to my laptop...although my house is not big...

So....i'll wish u all Happy Chinese New Year with my new hairstyle...don't logde police report if u see me playing poker cards...i'm jz solely playing...not gambling... though...i LOOKED LIKE now... =.=''


at 1845, 31 Jan 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

~ The Beach Party = Cocotier Night ~

:: It was the 1st Veterinary Faculty Night ever ! thx very much to the organizers for making the event a success ! ::

It was held in the Mines Wellness Hotel, 8th Jan 2010 --> The only Beach in the city. Thx to the lecturer who released us early in that evening so that we had sufficient time to prepare for the party ! however, we're late too...heee.. sry~

So happy to see the attendances of so many lecturers, staffs and students...It's really great! The food served are delicious, the environment is nice (though a bit hot), the performances are well-prepared... RM60.00 is worth for it!

Here are some pic ::

i'm ready !

*the souvenir*

Invitation card

buffet dinner--yummy!

in the washroom


DVM 2 !


at 1921, 10/01/2010

Saturday, January 2, 2010



櫻花飄過了秋天 你我分開的季節
眼淚疼了 無法表達
傘為你開 卻被你收

*踏在青色柏油路 忘記走習慣的路
 害怕了嗎 想念你啊
 傷感的字 亂了理智 無法掩飾

 感謝你陪伴我 走過了每一步
 花終究會雕落 沒辦法再呵護
 這真的是一段 很難熬的路
 觸碰感情深處 我才讀懂幸福

 經過一陣雷雨 太陽依舊燦爛
 雨後的向日葵 會安靜的陪伴
 你說過每一句 會好好記住
 在陌生的未來 我會更勇敢*


感謝你陪伴我 走過了每一步
花終究會雕落 沒辦法再呵護
你說過每一句 會好好記住
在陌生的未來 我會更勇敢