Sunday, February 28, 2010


Just pass by and drop a post here~ while reading other ppl blog, realized that i had quit from blogging for some time. actually quite many that i can post, jz that i was defeated by my laziness once again.

Today is the last day of CNY 2010..going to aunt's house for dinner later..the nx will b started on 3rd of Feb 2011 if not mistaken..this CNY is ideal since tests done b4 the festival arrived & we onli b given 1 assignment. Here goes my CNY ::

CNY eve -- Reunion dinner
1st day -- grandparents' house
2nd day -- meimei's house + movie " 72 tenants of prosperity " in KLCC wf relatives
3rd day -- movie " Little big soldier " in Pavilion wf frens + snowflake + yee sang + frens' houses
4th day -- mei, thong n my house.. miss out hui hoon's place..
5th & 6th day -- " balik kg " Penang ( was a rush decision )
7th day -- of course rush to do my assignment +_+ seems numb without pic~'s it ::

youyou, da mei & yen zai

*KLCC* had been a long time dint go ther

snowflake in Pavilion 赞 !

Pilot-to-be (LKL)'s house

~1st yee sang of the year~

mei's house

xuan's house

Penang -- Granny's house
( sis's bf took this pic :: he was so excited to go wf us... =_='' )

This CNY is rather different from the previous years...different in the sense of many aspects...we as the "younger generation" in our family no longer play cards or mahjong until midnight.. instead, almost everyone of us online-ing together in the living room... & ... i became the one who was fetching frens to 'bai nian'... @.@..

*********** THE END ************

at 1808, 28th Feb 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Italiannies

Yeah ! fri classes cancelled/postponed! will b the last day of lecture before CNY ! had been staying in hostel for 2 weeks... >.< !!! it was really torturing...thx to Dr. Intan for releasing us early at 4pm today!!! haha... instead of going home straightly after class, i went for last minute shopping in midvalley~ heee.. unfortunately dint buy any clothes or pants or skirt or dress.. jz bought some care products & earrings...

had dinner in Italiannies ::


starter=bread + vinegar *I love the vinegar*

set 1 _ appetizer

set 1_main course *the fillet was bit too dry*

set 2_appetizer

set 2_main course *the portion is really huge*

Since v ordered too much and unable to finish, v decided to take a break before continue eating~ =P .. so wat else....of course started to take pic~

~yum yum~


Further proven something while leaving the restaurant.. v saw everyone ther dressed up nicely except us.. aizz...dat's the drawback of studying VetMed...v cant dress up nicely to class like the others especially high heels since it's very inconvenient... v nid to travel to our faculty which is rather far from the hostel, go lab, farm, deal with animals etc.... perhaps in 4th & 5th year(clinical years), v could dress up nicely to class larh~ @.@

at 0247, 12nd Feb 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Finally " AVATAR"

First of all i dunno wher my courage came from to made such stupid decision not to go home this weekend.. since the talk on sat had been cancelled, i could actually go home happily on fri ! Besides, i did something that i cant believe myself ! i went to PKU instead of going home ! yes, inevitably i fell sick before CNY.. thx mel coz u save my life.. though it seems exaggerated ! hahaaa...

Back to the topic, we FINALLY managed to watch Avatar 3D in Sunway Pyramid on wed ! had been planing to watch it when dis sem jz started ! the cinema was still full house although the movie had been released for quite some time. n luckily v booked the tickets. The movie is definitely better than 2012! wat a 'dream' huh.... ~梦境与现实, 傻傻分不清楚~

we were late bout 15 min for the 7.45pm movie because of dis ::

Dinner in Fullhouse and bought a dress ther.. ^^ .. the casher was super slow......

soft crab salad

Honey milk shake with green tea on top

me, mel & kavi

The food's a good place to hang out but not for food larh~

In the cinema

fiaz. chinxian. mel. laura. me


at 2033, 6th feb 2010