Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cant wait...

Tonite is the last nite i'll b staying in Kluang!!! cant wait to go home on tmr!!! excited!!! stayed at home for only 3 n a half days in these 5 weeks time after sem 5 final exam!!!

Basically i dun like farm life...

Today v took a short visit to the UK agro resort located just beside of the farm i hav been working during these 3 weeks time.. yea, ppl act pay to experient farm life.. wat i wanna express is, u'll nvr truly feel the real farm life staying in those resorts n visiting those cosmetic farms..

hmm.. one of the receptionist in the resort actually promote to us the tour package where include milk feeding the kids n it cost a 'bomb' i reckon.. (i was like thinking : huhhhh????) well.. it may sound interesting to the visitors who nvr work in a farm b4.. but.. definitely not me.. hello, that's considered as our job instead of..hmm..mayb 'entertainment'..? haha !!! doubt dat's fun when u r given a hungry-little-cutie-healthy-clean kid.. however, it will be a totally different story to feed a dirty-emaciated-weak-stained kid.. lolz..

Perhaps i shouldnt say that i dislike farm... coz still ther're some animal/incident/ppl that caught my attention such as kiki & lala--the boer kids, mina the super greedy goat, bunny, horses...

the happiest moment during this practical period was shopping.. spent a lot here.. clothes, accessories, good food, movie, sing k etc... hahaha... so..dat's the way i compensate my dullness..

woohooooo !!!! this kind of life gonna end very soon !!! count down less than 24 hrs & i'll be at home during xmas eve !!! yeah yeah ^^ miss miss.....!!!

dull me !!! hahaha...

Good night ppl !!!! >.<

at 0025, 24th dec 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010


The 1st practical i ever enjoy --Langkawi Underwater world-- !!! miss it sosooo much right now... it was so different & i like it~

Some chosen picture ::

Alone in KLIA lor

The 1st animal I met in UWL

Logos b4 it o
pen its eyes


eye-opened Lo
gos !

Ramlee burger

Pelican Vodka -- RM 4.60

After work b4 bowling

Hmm..RM50 per person..stil dun dare to try

sunset in Pantai Cenang--a happening beach in Langkawi

Dat's cutie Teja the otter

"Teja, target ! "

ng seal

Karen the seal

Hawsbill sea turtle

Artemia the zooplankton

Day 7 artemia--looks n
ice har?

Heineken RM 2.50, Long Island RM 4.50

super worthy!!! but stil prefer vodka

Love Babelo
n !!!

Anis the African penguin kee

mel, Dr. Ong & me

at 1624, 11/12/2010

Monday, November 15, 2010


It was so hard,

to go through these drifted days

But 'm really glad that,

'm finally able to abstain from you~


=taken from Goggle pic search=

at 2117, 14th Nov 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wisdom Teeth

Although we have seen a reduction in the size of the human jaw during the course of human evolution, we still retain the same number of teeth. The change in jaw size of modern humans is related to the discovery and use of fire to prepare food, and the development of crude tools, such as blades, to process food. As the need for a powerful jaw vanished, the jaw became smaller and the teeth became crowded. The space required for the proper growth of wisdom teeth is no longer available. (The modern human mouth is too small to accommodate wisdom teeth, which make their appearance in young adults between the ages of 17-20).

taken from Robinspool Dental Practical,

I wonder how the 3rd molar got its name as WISDOM tooth as it doesnt seems like ppl who having these teeth are extraordinary intelligent... In fact, its layman term should be something sounded horror which i couldnt think of an appropriate one for it by now...

Yea, i'm one of the LUCKY one who currently suffering from the eruption of so-called wisdom teeth... Fortunately, ther's just one of it which has some COMPLICATION.... my beloved left lower jaw baby 3rd molar's surrounding gum started to inflamed after teeth scaling about 3 weeks ago (i swear that i would nvr go back to the same dentist again)... The complication begin with gingivitis which lead to headache, fever, sore throat, cough and flu... The condition worsen even though i had started my Ab (Bacampicilin) course that prescribed by the uni dentist.....

So.... without realizing wed(22/9/2010) was mid-autumn festival, i approved myself a day of holiday staying in hostel without attending classes.. =) .... The "GREAT" thing happen at the mid night of the mooncake fest although strictly speaking it was alrdy over.. our cutie college 17 had fire drill practice which allowed the whole bunch of residences to have full moon viewing together in the icy-2+am-midnight... haiya !!! i jz recovered from fever & here comes flu due to that weather i guess as i was in the state of immunocompromise....

the crowd of ppl

can stil consider as full moon yea? hee

Thanks God the gingivitis is getting better during the last tablet of bacampicilin although it's not fully recover yet.. & i when to another dentist today... decided to extract it at first.. however due to the proper position of the tooth and also it's kinda near to the nerve, the Dr. advised me to let it erupt naturally.. he's really an experienced dentist i would say... =) So...i got another course of antibiotic to be completed now ( body is alrdy contaminated by variety of drugs)! hopefully my beloved wisdom tooth will fully erupt without causing any major pain again.. preferably to be without any minor discomfort as well.. hehe.. & also goodluck to myself for the coming mon pharmacology test...stil a lot to go, the good thing is i feel better now after the long sleep last night.. =p

1954, 25/9/2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010


Sem break coming soon ! cant wait for it although still hav lots of pending assignments and patho test 1 ! just nid a break urgently~ hee..
Presented myself a new look to welcome the holidays! yeah !


at 0255hrs, 29th August 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

That's fates

08/08/2010, suppose to be a good day.. Dogothon 2010 had achieved the aim which we succesfully break the Malaysians' Wolrd of record. It's the biggest dog event in malaysia where, today, there are more than 1000 dogs joining the event.

But....on the same day, on the same vanue, at the peak of the event, i suddenly realise that my pouch which carrying my camera (bought in 24th Sept 2009), IC and RM50 is not with me.. immediately i search for it carefully around the places that i've been, asking some of other volunteers..even ask help from to the mc to announce it...

Actually i'm kinda sure that i'm still carrying it 10 min b4 it vanished from my sight. also the areas where it disappeared are very limited.. the area were jz from my college room to the car (the car was just at the parking lot in front of my blok), and from the nearest parking spot before the entrance of the event...

Despairly, i went to lodge a police report just in case someone missuse my IC.. the attitude of the polices drove me crazy actually... they are extremely not professional ! while the police (a he) was asking me for my address, he actually stopped listening to my answer and started talking to a guy who just came in. the guy was just asking for direction to a place & the HE can just NAVIGATING him, laughing, n even turned his back to me and started to draw a map to show the guy !!! another police (a she) which was sitting beside of him can jz pretend cool and ignored me at all until i finally talk to her... if i never open my mouth and dun even pretend stupid to ask her wat other info shud i provide, i think i gonna wait there like an useless vase for few hours.. -.-''' ... That's not the END yet, eventually the HE saw me talking to the SHE and apologize to me in a joking manner that HE had forgotten bout my existance !!! wat the.... i wonder whether missing an IC is more important than asking for direction which doesn't seem like an emergency ?!?!?!?!?!?! "our country" BOLEH huh??!!! watever...stay calm, keeping a smiling face and thinking of some tricks could help...

Few hours back to the happening of this incident ::
If i finally never decide to go back from ground floor to my room in the early morning before Dogathon started,
I would never realise that i act forgot to take my camera along which i usually wont forget,
and i will not lost my beloved camera.... is that a prophecy,warning, sign...? haizz...

Anyway i've spotted Canon IXUS 200... however, i still prefer IXUS 110's design by now after browsing the pictures of them... ar??? feel meaningless to get the same one again... still hoping that the person who took my pouch return it to me with my camera and IC... by the way, i'm not sure whether it had been stolen or i dropped it n someone took it away... but then whatever it is, the person who are taking my pouch now is really unethical and immoral i guess seen my pouch is no doubt recognizable...

I miss my camera...
dint even celebrate the 1st anniversary with it !!!

at 1850hrs, 8/8/2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Chocolate? or...smth else???

Before starting the topic...

" Yeah !!! My laptop is still alive after the abrupt shut down when i was enjoying watching a movie! heee... i cant turn on my lappie after dat act.. & yea.. reformat & finally using window 7 now~ "

k... actually the main purpose of posting dis is to show u all this ::

The front cover

condom chocolate

It looks very likely the real 1 rite..? haa... i was confused also when i saw it..lolz... my sis's bf got it on the plane..

oh NO !! world cup Germany vs. Spain has started !!! GERMANY MUST WIN !!! gonna watch !! so..bye!! excuse me for this extremely short post.. =p

at 0230, 7/7/2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~The Handsome~

He is the chosen one in 23/06/2010 sinchew newspaper !

He looks smart in formal wear !

He is inevitable a born-to-be leader !

He has series of plans for his future !

He is loyal to his girlfriend !

He is a helpful friend !

He has a good heart !

He loves Jacky Cheung's songs !

And now, i gonna introduce my GOOD FRIEND Chee Chin Wei ::

The Handsome of the day

Was so surprised when i got to know he is on the paper *the corner of pretties & handsome* !

To ccw :
wow.. u looked smart, is true ( my dad said so as well ). haha.. hey, u noe wat... smart is always much much much more better than solely handsome (eg : 飞伦海头) ! lolz... I'm so pround that i can b ur fren ! heee

would like to end this short post with wishes to my dear fren... wishing you could achieve ur dream as a succesful entreprenuer ! jia you lor !

at 1351, 24th June 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

While waiting for the 2.30am world cup...



那 一扇车门
关出 我们的裂痕

爱 无法均分
以后 就留给你们
也许用伤害结束 爱才更动人

* 容忍的人其实并不笨

** 你是好人 也是个坏人
对我坦承 只为了朝他狂奔
不能放任 所以放了
我是好人 也是个坏人
分得够狠 你才有借口转身
宁愿爱 一点不剩
也不忍 看恋人爱成路人

Repeat *,**

那永恒 就等他带你完成

Repeat **

宁愿爱 一点不剩
也不忍 看恋人爱成路人

at 0151, 21st June 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cameron Highlands Again

16th June 2010...Once again, i went to Cameron Highlands.. & this time, it was as cold as previously or even colder...Departed in the early morning n v headed to Ipoh Fuh San Dim Sam 1st~

Cameron Highlands, not as interesting as last time i felt~ the river dried out, polluted...


This is a new place

Ummmph Boh tea farm =The old one=

Dinner of the day

Sungai Palas Boh tea center =The new one=

----------The end----------

at 1816, 19th June 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010


~M in Genting Starbucks rigth now~

Talking about casino... i've never been in ther before... Went to Gold Sand casino in s'pore few days ago.. i thought of sneaking in at first, but then the casino regulation is so strict that make me dare not to do that even though i'm jz few weeks from officially becoming 21~ there was an obvious banner in front of the check point ::


Gosh...better dun take's not Riggit's sing dollar.... dun play play~ >_< the passport/identity card of each visitor will be scanned b4 entering the take turn to accompany me OUTSIDE of the casino.. many shops r still under construction & i cant get the s'pore public internet.. kinda boring actually during dat.. & ya, the parking fee is super expensive which is $ 8.00 per entry and $ 1.00 for the subsequent half an hour !

On the next day, we visited the other casino in s'pore which is in Resort World... you will b having a "WOW" expression when u reach ther. it's so great that will make you fall in love with it !!! it do has some simlilarities with Genting Highland i felt~

And today..supposingly be going Desa Water Park with by foster siblings.. the plan cancelled coz my little brother & sis fell sick.. pity them... current location is Genting Highlands.. Parents went into casino..and this time will b playing for a longer time..they dun gamble much, juz for the sake of playing..dat's y s'pore casino couldn't fulfil their desire due to the higher currency of $ dollar~

oh yea.. i dint planned to sneak into genting casino though.. =p

at 1720, 10 June 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

天下乌鸦一般黑 ?

All crows are black?

All dogs bites?

All guys cheat?

All girls like shopping?


Because there's always an exception... =)


~This is an albino crow i encountered in KL bird park~

at 0106, 2nd June 2010

Monday, May 31, 2010

Adobe photoshop

~I'm like a toddler in the world of photoshop~

Just reinstalled the Adobe Photoshop into my laptop... quite desperate while using it since my beloved lappy is full of rubbish... -.-''

Here r some of my simple productions ::

Forever 21 -- Pavilion

Watched "Prince of Persia"
-- Nice movie with awesome prince & elegant princess !

me & Jen

GPS helps me get home today *thx thx*

All the pictures uploaded are with the same design... since... practices make perfect >_<

at 0053, 1st June 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010


TAK SEMPAT LAGI to regain my normal skin colour after sitiawan--ipoh trip, it's further darken by this muar--melacca trip... +.+

*in the bus*

was coming back from the south dis afternoon by putra LRT... shock when i saw the NEW FEATURE of the train.. mayb it's not new??? the amenities in the train had changed, renewed & i dun even notice until TODAY !!! was previously all red seats !!! 我已告别搭地铁的日子那么久了吗 ??? used to take LRT during high school... aizz... gonna admit dat i'll be quiting my teenage stage in 1++ month time~ 二章就快要倒贴了-- quoted by Joanne... -.-''

"战利品" of the trip

Bought few items only... white vincci accessories's watch cost only RM15, 3 key chains for RM10 (since getting 3 is cheaper than jz buying 1 instead.


was excited to know that CIBA VISION had delivered me 4 pairs of contact lenses. thx Mel for introducing me this . heee...

the daily disposable lenses

at 2207, 21st May 2010

p/s : my photoshop is currently out of service :(

Friday, May 14, 2010

~♥~ Fairy Tales ~♥~

We all remember the bedtime stories of our childhood

The shoe fits Cinderella

The frog turns into a prince

Sleeping beauty is awakened with a kiss

Once upon a time

And then they lived happily ever after...

Fairy tales, the stuff of dreams

The problem is fairy tales don't come true

It's the other stories

The ones that begin with dark and stormy nights and ending the unspeakable

It's the nightmares that always seem to become reality~

= by Meredith, season 5, episode 1, Grey's Anatomy =

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My nokia 5800

Bought it on the night i finish my last final paper. =nokia 5800= had been comparing the phones for some time & finally decided to get this~ Seriously i dun like its' design.. it's really UgLy..mayb it's not jz dat i dun like... that's the reason y it fail to get my full affection.. However, it's really user friendly la. I appreciate~ lolz

=The original=

My cam is much nicer with the same "blinkz" rite?

And finally D.I.Y using the nail art sticker

Nicer afterall? hahaazz... >_<

at 1813hr, 11st May 2010