Thursday, December 31, 2009

1st of January 2010

This will be a whole new year!

No more bad luck in 2009 ! Go away GO AWAY all the bad bad thingy~ ^^

Summary of the year...failed some & also achieved some, whatever~ Gonna set some new goals, at the same time continue to pursue for what i failed last year.. GAMBATEH !!!


* Happy New Year 2010 to All !!! *


at 0200, 1st Jan 2010

Friday, November 27, 2009

An extraordinary day

Slept at 9.30pm ytd night~ woke up at 6am, not going to the dairy farm (public holiday)...but...v traveled to Taman Sabah in Ranau...the farm owner's son as our "one-day-tour guide". he's such a nice person ^^

though the park is not interesting as i expected, but i do enjoy cycling ther.. had been a long time dint ride bicycle..

came back to the hotel at bout, chyn shout : "The results is out!" okay...fine....i decided to check it....

as i results for dis sem 熟到烂 ....!!!! argh...hurt! however...i deserved wat i got..really did played a lot in dis sem~ haiz....

after that had dinner wf Jay, Sevestian & their fren....hang around keningau town....the weather was super hot!

dinner in Mr. Yap's house.. ~beef, ostrich egg, rice & papaya~ all 100% own-producing-food... the food are seriously delicious! *fulled* Thanks a lot Mr. Yap !

== Photos will be uploaded in fb later ==

at 2331, 27 Nov 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

1 month Pr@ctical.....!!!

Going to Sabah & Sarawak for 3 weeks practicals and 1 week trip tmr ~

22nd Nov 2009, KL --> KK, 0650 hrs --> 0920 hrs, AK5100

3rd Dec 2009, KK --> KCH, 0645 hrs --> 0810 hrs, AK6035

20th Nov 2009, KCH --> KL, 1735 hrs --> 1915 hrs, AK5211

1 week practical in Sabah, Keningau Dairy Cattle Farm from 23.11.09-27.11.09.. this week mayb no phone reception !!!! gosh !!!!! argh.....

28.11.09-06.12.09 travel around Sabah & Swk..

07.12.09-19.12.09 poultry and swine farm in Kuching...


This will be my last post in nov dis year i guess..... cya a month later !

* Bye Bye *

at 2143, 21st Nov 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009


Crazy CRAZY !!!! why i couldn't sleep ????

~Sleep to much ???

~Too stress ???

~Think too much ???

~Too hungry ???

~Too excited ???

what to do..... WHAT TO DO????

okay...lets do eye mask.... =_=

haizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at 0530, 21st Nov 2009

~ Small gathering with ex-schoolmates/neighbours ~

Evangeline is the oldest fren of mine~ I knew her since i was a toddler (although i stayed in Penang from 9-11 years old) ! haha...we used to play together when v were young.. went to the same kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, even the same class when we were in standard 6, form 4&5...

Jennifer Yvonne, knew her since standard 6, 3 of us were in the same class (6M)...Jen n I were in the same society (PBSM) during secondary school.. form 6 classmate for a week >.< coz i went to matriculation after that week...

Although our houses are near to each other, but we dont met up always after form 5 since v're busy with our own career.. Jen >> Actuarial Science in UKM ; Evan >> Human Medicine in IMU ; & me >> Vet Med in UPM .. *o*


We went to Jusco just now.. after buying the things i need for my 1 month practical in east coast, we chit chatted in Mc Donald ::

Tiny Fan

Sundae chocolate ice cream

Evan & Giselle

Giselle & Jen

Evan, Giselle & Jen

Went home at 10.00pm... * Looking forward to another meet up ! *

at 0202, 21st Nov 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

2012 @ Pavilion

19th Nov 2009

I'll say that today is my lucky day~

1st, no rain (had been raining heavily on past few days) !
2nd, got good seats although v dint book ticket !
3rd, bought what i need !
4th, no jam !
5th, safe journey (though horned by 1,2,3...... cars) ! *sry la! 新手嘛* aiya....

Picked up thong in TARC at bout 4.40pm --> reached Pavilion at bout 5.00pm --> bought tickets at 5.25pm

2012 at 6pm

While waiting for the time, we walked around, took pic... Christmas decoration in Pavilion is nice !
Here are some pic ::

*Thanks to the guard* lolz


Realized something in the cinema ::
~Do you noticed that?

*THX--Teoh Hui Xuan* haha..swt~

The movie is great ! at first i tot ther'll b no survival in the end.. surprisingly, there's a happy ending~ It reflected that hope is always exist if you never give up..

2012, natural selection--survival of the fitness.. only the one who could adapt to the environment is able to survive and produce the next generation...

If 21.12.2012 is really the end of the world, what will you do? will you try your best to save your own life? or, do you prefer to die earlier? who would you like to be together with in the very last moment? will you accept the fate? will you feel remorse of what u have done?

Frankly, i really did threw myself into the movie...repentance came to me in return...regret that i dint play my roles well in my life.. improve to be a better person is the thing i wan2 do next.. hope that i'm resilient to do so larh~ +.+


The movie end at 8.40pm --> went to pick mei --> reached Sri Rampai Pasar Malam at bout 9.15pm

Argh... thong & me forgot bout our dinner ! got my yam flavour pearl milk tea.. and finally i bought a small bag for my IXUS 110.. not very nice though, but need it for better protection.. ^^


As usual, coincidently met few ex-chong hwa-rians in pm...after getting the things v want, v went back...

Reached home at 11.20pm if not mistaken~ phew... what a nice day !

* Thanks Thong, i guess i'm able to recognise the ways to the places you led by now GUA *

at 0309, 20th nov 2009

Monday, November 16, 2009


1. The Musical Train

心血来潮 !!! suddenly thought of 1 of my childhood favorite toy --the musical train-- few days ago.. wish to have a look on it~ Mom insisted that we had given it to somebody, however dad was sure it's still with us... yea ! dad won, he found it in the storeroom today ! haha...i was surprised to see it placing nicely on the staircase this morning~ heheee...

This is a train with 4 'cd'.. it functioned like the musical box, batteries are needed for the train to move. The songs available are :: down by the station, Frere Jacques, twinkle twinkle little star, Mary had a little lamb & Brahms Lullaby ::

I'm glad to see that it's still in good condition.. wow.. feel so good, so touched~ 感动呐 !!!


2. The Magical Board

Few weeks ago, sis bought this ::

The reason she bought is to use this magical board in teaching piano.. the idea is BRILLIANT i think! the kids will sure become more interested to learn by using this~ even i'm addicted playing with dis board.. >.< ... it's so.... FUN !!! write & rub, draw & rub, write & draw & reason, i just enjoy playing this.. the board is with me even i'm watching 宫心计,富贵门... hehee...

How the board function? The inventor is so intelligent ! or...i'm too dumb..? i just noticed that the board functioned based on the concept of "magnet & metal" after sis bought it... swt~ *ashamed*

The words appeared are the metal powder while the pen is actually magnet...


Inevitably, as we grow older, things become complicated...more and more difficult decisions need to be made..truth & false, is not as simple as the moral subject we learnt... worries & problems strike us...But sometimes, a very simple toy is able to enlighten your day... :)

at 2254, 16th Nov 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Happeee Belated Birthday !!!

Did my last minute "homework" before the outing ::

Google map (the way to Mei's house)

11.22am, 14th Nov 2009...

This was the day which i drove alone to fetch Thong & Mei for the 1st time ! hahazz.. it was cloudy along the way to thong's house..Heavy rain fell while thong was directing me to mei's house...raining cats & dogs lerh!!! hahaa..

Concentrated in driving..swt~

Reached our destination --Secret Recipe in Sri Gombak-- Hmm...v were the only guests at that time. Ordered food & beverage and of course a slide of cake for Thong~

*Happy Belated Birthday thong*

Chicken Bolognese (thong & xuan)

Peper Chicken Chop Rice (mei)

Ice Lemon Tea (mei, thong & xuan)

Chatted & took pic..because of some *ReaSon*, v decided to have a masquerade lunch..haha~ but too bad, i lost 1 of my earring there.. T.T

"dun look at us, waitress"--*shy shy*

Okay, paid the bill & the next station was mei's house..chit chatted, watched 宫心计 episode 20, played fb's game--word challage, pic taking..& was great to c siew sze coming back..haha.. oh yea, special thanks to Siew Meng ! tq for quiting dota & took pic for us ! haha

mei, xuan & thong

sushi, thong, mei & xuan

Reached home at 7 something.. it was a great day ! & quite special i guess~ ^^


SUPER tired now..headache.... @.@ .... gud nitez!

at 0404, 15th Nov 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bye Sem 3 !

Finally done the last paper of this semester -- Veterinary Anatomy II -- Got another jab for hep B immediately after the paper... >.< Waited the bus for half an hour ALONE at the last bus stop...

wat to do? in order to 'defeat' the boredom, i took out my hp, switched on the mp3 player & listened to some old songs (long time dint update my phone)...i hav been using it after SPM seemed like outdated, but i dint intend to change it yet. (although sis offered me an iphone) =.=

~Reached collage --> tidied up my things in a low speed --> returned the key --> waited for dad to pick me up~

wat to do again? luckily i had predicted this situation.. brought my violin, played ^^ Finally reached home at bout 4pm...

The willingness of escaping from exam decreased.. everything become less interesting as compared to before/during the final.. switched on my laptop, sign in fb n msn, play's not as fun as i expected.. I've lost of my to fill my timetable full this week b4 heading to practicals...? aizz...feel like crying...

This sem is... incrediblely FAST... another 3 and a half yr b4 graduate.. Bye sem 3 ! I guess i've learnt a lot in this half a year...

at 1937, 12nd Nov 2009

Sunday, November 8, 2009

An outing to petaling street

~ Not going by LRT
~ Not going tuition in Kasturi
~ Not going for shopping
~ Not going to Popular
~ Not going to Mc D, Starbucks, A&W for hours
~ Not going to bus station
~ Not going to buy roasted duck or asam laksa

BUT..... I had a PLAN... heee.. * SeCret * ;x

After that, had lunch in ::

* 生记酒家 *

A pot of chinese tea (RM 3.60)

老少平安 ~ tao fu + fish + egg (RM 13.00)

鸳鸯~2 个位 (RM12.00)

The food are quite nice, portion is big..


Nothing much changes in Petaling Street...It's hot, the air is dusty, the buildings are still there, many cars, many people, lots of noises......

However, i had grown up... people around me keep changing... what's left behind was just memories~

at 1239, 9th Nov 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

99.99% homemade dishes

I would start this post by sending condolence to my dad's fishes... one of their fren (a 9-year-old Jelawat) committed suicide yesterday's afternoon...he jumped out from the aquarium and died on the spot.. argh.... so sorry to hear that...

During dinner time, i was surprise to see THIS ::

OMG ! the 1st thought that came to my mind was: " Is this our pet that jumped out this afternoon ?? " The answer was YES ! argh!!!!! I WONT EAT IT !!!! I'm DETERMINTED not to eat it........ yea...i dint eat, dint taste it even though they said it was fresh & delicious.... dat was actually jz half of it since it's too much for my parents to finish it.. this is the caudal part...

After a small discussion, parents decided to invite my aunt & cousins to finish the other half later on the same day...nah...dat's another half ::

This is the cranial part...Everyone said it's nice...yea, it smell tasty...but....sis & I refused to eat also... >.<

* Rest in peace dear Jelawat, all the best in the other world. *


Dad woke me up this was actually 11am alrdy..heheee... he was excited in telling me that he had made aleo vera dessert...har....??!! ermmm...alright... i'll try it... when i was brushing my tooth, the image appeared in my mind was ::

Aleo vera planted by my dad

Went down stairs after that & i saw this ::

Homemade aleo vera dessert

Hmm..not bad...can be improved still ! hahaaaa....thx daddy~ ^^


Heeerrrmmmmm....i was wondering will it be another pure HOME-producing-cooked food tmr.... lets wait & see... haha

at 1542, 8th Nov 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Thurs after physio final

Midvalley was unusually crowded on dis usual thurs ! Even Gardens' car park was full with cars.. we finally found a place in P4.

Lunch in The Spagetti Farm.. the food there is not as nice as i expected...

Beef bolognese+chicken cream soup+ice lemon tea=RM12.00

The main purpose to hang out today? ans: to celebrate nezzy, ywen & mel's birthday.

The 3 b'day girlz

Group photo (Joyce was on the phone) *sorry*

While waiting for the guys, we did some shopping.. earrings are the only thing i bought today.. ~too bad~ aizzz...

RM10.00 for 3

Next destination was delicious...had a drink... { i dun think it's nice }

Frosty guava & sour palm (RM 9.90)

The End of the outing

Reach my sweet home at about 9.30pm..gonna have a 1 week break before the last paper! Hurr@y!

However, having insomnia right now !!! it's gonna kill me !!! argh... I'm very tired yet cant slp.. T.T

p/s: more photos in facebook

at 0138, 5th Nov 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Be Patient !!!

Teoh Hui Xuan aka. Tiramisu aka. Giselle ...watever, is gonna burst !

Patient patient & patient i'm gonna follow you !

I'll not break my own promise ! slower, be calmer, be obedient..

I'll not speed more than 60km/hr (for this state),

I'll not ignore the advices,

I'll listen to the experienced one..

For the sake of 愈慢愈美丽 as Jolin sang ! swt~


for my own good & of course the people who care bout me ... sorry for my stubbornness dad...

at 1431, 31st Oct 2009

# Take a break #

nice violin, nice piano & nice cello.. but Jay, can u stop "dancing" ar......? >.<

at 0230, last day of Oct

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Caution !!

It was a shocking news that my aunt's house in Desa Setapak was broken by a SINGLE guy in the afternoon yesterday! that reflecting our society is severely sick? yeap! definitely! Evidences show that the thief is experienced and of course, UNUSUALLY strong ! the metal gate had been thrusted to abnormal shape...& he left NO fingerprint nor other clues to be traced..yea, they lodged a police report & there were actually 3 policemen went to their place to investigate. was it true that the thief is so intelligent that he left nothing behind but hatred or the policemen did not do their best...? well...i've not much to comment on it..

$$ been stolen... jewelries lost... the most upset is that the memories had been taken away... the things that had been kept for so long so memorable were vanished in a blink of's.. ouch.. like a sword pricking through your heart...


I went to their house just now.. the thing i wanted to stress happened while i was walking to get the car little bit further away from my cousin's house. Cousin sis accompanied me walking along the short distance.. Suddenly a p*lice car appear at the T-junction, it was in a high speed and producing kind of loud engine noise.. Imagine the street is so narrow with cars parking on both sides and we were just few centimeters while the P*LICE CAR passed by us.. dun the driver feel dat it's actually very dangerous driving in such a way????? aizzz... nonsense....!!!

conclusion? while the other dont mind about your safety, take care of yourself always! however, do care the people around you with love... the world will be simpler and peaceful...

at 0221, 30th Oct 2009


yea, Joanne slpt alrdy.. & I supposed to be reading ethology--bear farming.. the weather is nice for bed, it was cold, drizzling at the outside...

I couldn't continue reading anymore..the content of the note is too sad ! it's about bear farming in China, how we human get the bile from them, how they're being kept.. It's totally CRUEL !!! T_T

I'm not a animal rights supporter as it seems a little bit extreme.. and I have to admit that I'm actually speciesism..However, I really do feel depressed in the way human treat those wild animals and I believed that most of you wil feel the same way as I do if you know about the sad.. let's move on the the happy incident then..or..i shud say it's funny+pity..

Haha..Hanson Teoh (my doggie) got ear infection! okay..shouldn't laugh..but whenever i imagine how he looked like, it's really amusing! dad brought him to vet and my cutie little doggie got 3 injections.lolz.. (now he's okay and full of pep alrdy)

My night end up with "photo shooting" again.. Eg:


Woke up at bout 8am... gonna sit for 2 papers with 1 hr break in between today.. morning started with a small pack of biscuit..'s not nice but nvmd.. i'm lazy to go out and buy..lunch during the 1 hr break--1 vanilla bread while walking... and the worst is the bread is "liveless", it's taste bad...'s meals are really "disaster"..

came out earlier from etho exam, it's torturing to sit there for 2 n a half hrs n writting non-stop!
and of course, i came home..& extremely hungry right now! I'm impatient to write anymore! time for a big MEAL ! bubye!

at 7.42pm, 29th Oct 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

Relax makes perfect

Alright, i planned to sacrifice my bed time & study time to update my blog ! ^^

Anyway, " A picture meant a thousand words. "... so....since i'm sleepy now... i'll jz write a few n show some photos.. hee~~

Let's start....

++ Schooling days is not jz about study, although the FINAL exam is jz around the corner ++

So many books awaiting .....



Having some fun is also very IMPORTANT !!!

when i feel sick to the books, photo session BEGIN...!

dat's anatomy

bee in dorsal recumbency *swt* comment..i was jz too boring

Of course there are a lot more photos.. *.*


23th Oct 2009

After the dreadful anatomy practical test, we went to Manhatten FIsh Market in Alamanda for dinner since ther's a promotion...

On the way...

Our destination...

The menu

love restaurants that have mirrors ^^

Food & beverage...

After the meal...

End of the day... Friday night, 90% I'll be going home ~dat's y i'm blogging here~ ;p

at 0144, 24th Oct 09