Saturday, September 25, 2010

Wisdom Teeth

Although we have seen a reduction in the size of the human jaw during the course of human evolution, we still retain the same number of teeth. The change in jaw size of modern humans is related to the discovery and use of fire to prepare food, and the development of crude tools, such as blades, to process food. As the need for a powerful jaw vanished, the jaw became smaller and the teeth became crowded. The space required for the proper growth of wisdom teeth is no longer available. (The modern human mouth is too small to accommodate wisdom teeth, which make their appearance in young adults between the ages of 17-20).

taken from Robinspool Dental Practical,

I wonder how the 3rd molar got its name as WISDOM tooth as it doesnt seems like ppl who having these teeth are extraordinary intelligent... In fact, its layman term should be something sounded horror which i couldnt think of an appropriate one for it by now...

Yea, i'm one of the LUCKY one who currently suffering from the eruption of so-called wisdom teeth... Fortunately, ther's just one of it which has some COMPLICATION.... my beloved left lower jaw baby 3rd molar's surrounding gum started to inflamed after teeth scaling about 3 weeks ago (i swear that i would nvr go back to the same dentist again)... The complication begin with gingivitis which lead to headache, fever, sore throat, cough and flu... The condition worsen even though i had started my Ab (Bacampicilin) course that prescribed by the uni dentist.....

So.... without realizing wed(22/9/2010) was mid-autumn festival, i approved myself a day of holiday staying in hostel without attending classes.. =) .... The "GREAT" thing happen at the mid night of the mooncake fest although strictly speaking it was alrdy over.. our cutie college 17 had fire drill practice which allowed the whole bunch of residences to have full moon viewing together in the icy-2+am-midnight... haiya !!! i jz recovered from fever & here comes flu due to that weather i guess as i was in the state of immunocompromise....

the crowd of ppl

can stil consider as full moon yea? hee

Thanks God the gingivitis is getting better during the last tablet of bacampicilin although it's not fully recover yet.. & i when to another dentist today... decided to extract it at first.. however due to the proper position of the tooth and also it's kinda near to the nerve, the Dr. advised me to let it erupt naturally.. he's really an experienced dentist i would say... =) So...i got another course of antibiotic to be completed now ( body is alrdy contaminated by variety of drugs)! hopefully my beloved wisdom tooth will fully erupt without causing any major pain again.. preferably to be without any minor discomfort as well.. hehe.. & also goodluck to myself for the coming mon pharmacology test...stil a lot to go, the good thing is i feel better now after the long sleep last night.. =p

1954, 25/9/2010