Saturday, August 28, 2010


Sem break coming soon ! cant wait for it although still hav lots of pending assignments and patho test 1 ! just nid a break urgently~ hee..
Presented myself a new look to welcome the holidays! yeah !


at 0255hrs, 29th August 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

That's fates

08/08/2010, suppose to be a good day.. Dogothon 2010 had achieved the aim which we succesfully break the Malaysians' Wolrd of record. It's the biggest dog event in malaysia where, today, there are more than 1000 dogs joining the event.

But....on the same day, on the same vanue, at the peak of the event, i suddenly realise that my pouch which carrying my camera (bought in 24th Sept 2009), IC and RM50 is not with me.. immediately i search for it carefully around the places that i've been, asking some of other volunteers..even ask help from to the mc to announce it...

Actually i'm kinda sure that i'm still carrying it 10 min b4 it vanished from my sight. also the areas where it disappeared are very limited.. the area were jz from my college room to the car (the car was just at the parking lot in front of my blok), and from the nearest parking spot before the entrance of the event...

Despairly, i went to lodge a police report just in case someone missuse my IC.. the attitude of the polices drove me crazy actually... they are extremely not professional ! while the police (a he) was asking me for my address, he actually stopped listening to my answer and started talking to a guy who just came in. the guy was just asking for direction to a place & the HE can just NAVIGATING him, laughing, n even turned his back to me and started to draw a map to show the guy !!! another police (a she) which was sitting beside of him can jz pretend cool and ignored me at all until i finally talk to her... if i never open my mouth and dun even pretend stupid to ask her wat other info shud i provide, i think i gonna wait there like an useless vase for few hours.. -.-''' ... That's not the END yet, eventually the HE saw me talking to the SHE and apologize to me in a joking manner that HE had forgotten bout my existance !!! wat the.... i wonder whether missing an IC is more important than asking for direction which doesn't seem like an emergency ?!?!?!?!?!?! "our country" BOLEH huh??!!! watever...stay calm, keeping a smiling face and thinking of some tricks could help...

Few hours back to the happening of this incident ::
If i finally never decide to go back from ground floor to my room in the early morning before Dogathon started,
I would never realise that i act forgot to take my camera along which i usually wont forget,
and i will not lost my beloved camera.... is that a prophecy,warning, sign...? haizz...

Anyway i've spotted Canon IXUS 200... however, i still prefer IXUS 110's design by now after browsing the pictures of them... ar??? feel meaningless to get the same one again... still hoping that the person who took my pouch return it to me with my camera and IC... by the way, i'm not sure whether it had been stolen or i dropped it n someone took it away... but then whatever it is, the person who are taking my pouch now is really unethical and immoral i guess seen my pouch is no doubt recognizable...

I miss my camera...
dint even celebrate the 1st anniversary with it !!!

at 1850hrs, 8/8/2010