Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cant wait...

Tonite is the last nite i'll b staying in Kluang!!! cant wait to go home on tmr!!! excited!!! stayed at home for only 3 n a half days in these 5 weeks time after sem 5 final exam!!!

Basically i dun like farm life...

Today v took a short visit to the UK agro resort located just beside of the farm i hav been working during these 3 weeks time.. yea, ppl act pay to experient farm life.. wat i wanna express is, u'll nvr truly feel the real farm life staying in those resorts n visiting those cosmetic farms..

hmm.. one of the receptionist in the resort actually promote to us the tour package where include milk feeding the kids n it cost a 'bomb' i reckon.. (i was like thinking : huhhhh????) well.. it may sound interesting to the visitors who nvr work in a farm b4.. but.. definitely not me.. hello, that's considered as our job instead of..hmm..mayb 'entertainment'..? haha !!! doubt dat's fun when u r given a hungry-little-cutie-healthy-clean kid.. however, it will be a totally different story to feed a dirty-emaciated-weak-stained kid.. lolz..

Perhaps i shouldnt say that i dislike farm... coz still ther're some animal/incident/ppl that caught my attention such as kiki & lala--the boer kids, mina the super greedy goat, bunny, horses...

the happiest moment during this practical period was shopping.. spent a lot here.. clothes, accessories, good food, movie, sing k etc... hahaha... so..dat's the way i compensate my dullness..

woohooooo !!!! this kind of life gonna end very soon !!! count down less than 24 hrs & i'll be at home during xmas eve !!! yeah yeah ^^ miss miss.....!!!

dull me !!! hahaha...

Good night ppl !!!! >.<

at 0025, 24th dec 2010

Friday, December 10, 2010


The 1st practical i ever enjoy --Langkawi Underwater world-- !!! miss it sosooo much right now... it was so different & i like it~

Some chosen picture ::

Alone in KLIA lor

The 1st animal I met in UWL

Logos b4 it o
pen its eyes


eye-opened Lo
gos !

Ramlee burger

Pelican Vodka -- RM 4.60

After work b4 bowling

Hmm..RM50 per person..stil dun dare to try

sunset in Pantai Cenang--a happening beach in Langkawi

Dat's cutie Teja the otter

"Teja, target ! "

ng seal

Karen the seal

Hawsbill sea turtle

Artemia the zooplankton

Day 7 artemia--looks n
ice har?

Heineken RM 2.50, Long Island RM 4.50

super worthy!!! but stil prefer vodka

Love Babelo
n !!!

Anis the African penguin kee

mel, Dr. Ong & me

at 1624, 11/12/2010