Monday, May 31, 2010

Adobe photoshop

~I'm like a toddler in the world of photoshop~

Just reinstalled the Adobe Photoshop into my laptop... quite desperate while using it since my beloved lappy is full of rubbish... -.-''

Here r some of my simple productions ::

Forever 21 -- Pavilion

Watched "Prince of Persia"
-- Nice movie with awesome prince & elegant princess !

me & Jen

GPS helps me get home today *thx thx*

All the pictures uploaded are with the same design... since... practices make perfect >_<

at 0053, 1st June 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010


TAK SEMPAT LAGI to regain my normal skin colour after sitiawan--ipoh trip, it's further darken by this muar--melacca trip... +.+

*in the bus*

was coming back from the south dis afternoon by putra LRT... shock when i saw the NEW FEATURE of the train.. mayb it's not new??? the amenities in the train had changed, renewed & i dun even notice until TODAY !!! was previously all red seats !!! 我已告别搭地铁的日子那么久了吗 ??? used to take LRT during high school... aizz... gonna admit dat i'll be quiting my teenage stage in 1++ month time~ 二章就快要倒贴了-- quoted by Joanne... -.-''

"战利品" of the trip

Bought few items only... white vincci accessories's watch cost only RM15, 3 key chains for RM10 (since getting 3 is cheaper than jz buying 1 instead.


was excited to know that CIBA VISION had delivered me 4 pairs of contact lenses. thx Mel for introducing me this . heee...

the daily disposable lenses

at 2207, 21st May 2010

p/s : my photoshop is currently out of service :(

Friday, May 14, 2010

~♥~ Fairy Tales ~♥~

We all remember the bedtime stories of our childhood

The shoe fits Cinderella

The frog turns into a prince

Sleeping beauty is awakened with a kiss

Once upon a time

And then they lived happily ever after...

Fairy tales, the stuff of dreams

The problem is fairy tales don't come true

It's the other stories

The ones that begin with dark and stormy nights and ending the unspeakable

It's the nightmares that always seem to become reality~

= by Meredith, season 5, episode 1, Grey's Anatomy =

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My nokia 5800

Bought it on the night i finish my last final paper. =nokia 5800= had been comparing the phones for some time & finally decided to get this~ Seriously i dun like its' design.. it's really UgLy..mayb it's not jz dat i dun like... that's the reason y it fail to get my full affection.. However, it's really user friendly la. I appreciate~ lolz

=The original=

My cam is much nicer with the same "blinkz" rite?

And finally D.I.Y using the nail art sticker

Nicer afterall? hahaazz... >_<

at 1813hr, 11st May 2010