Wednesday, June 23, 2010

~The Handsome~

He is the chosen one in 23/06/2010 sinchew newspaper !

He looks smart in formal wear !

He is inevitable a born-to-be leader !

He has series of plans for his future !

He is loyal to his girlfriend !

He is a helpful friend !

He has a good heart !

He loves Jacky Cheung's songs !

And now, i gonna introduce my GOOD FRIEND Chee Chin Wei ::

The Handsome of the day

Was so surprised when i got to know he is on the paper *the corner of pretties & handsome* !

To ccw :
wow.. u looked smart, is true ( my dad said so as well ). haha.. hey, u noe wat... smart is always much much much more better than solely handsome (eg : 飞伦海头) ! lolz... I'm so pround that i can b ur fren ! heee

would like to end this short post with wishes to my dear fren... wishing you could achieve ur dream as a succesful entreprenuer ! jia you lor !

at 1351, 24th June 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

While waiting for the 2.30am world cup...



那 一扇车门
关出 我们的裂痕

爱 无法均分
以后 就留给你们
也许用伤害结束 爱才更动人

* 容忍的人其实并不笨

** 你是好人 也是个坏人
对我坦承 只为了朝他狂奔
不能放任 所以放了
我是好人 也是个坏人
分得够狠 你才有借口转身
宁愿爱 一点不剩
也不忍 看恋人爱成路人

Repeat *,**

那永恒 就等他带你完成

Repeat **

宁愿爱 一点不剩
也不忍 看恋人爱成路人

at 0151, 21st June 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cameron Highlands Again

16th June 2010...Once again, i went to Cameron Highlands.. & this time, it was as cold as previously or even colder...Departed in the early morning n v headed to Ipoh Fuh San Dim Sam 1st~

Cameron Highlands, not as interesting as last time i felt~ the river dried out, polluted...


This is a new place

Ummmph Boh tea farm =The old one=

Dinner of the day

Sungai Palas Boh tea center =The new one=

----------The end----------

at 1816, 19th June 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010


~M in Genting Starbucks rigth now~

Talking about casino... i've never been in ther before... Went to Gold Sand casino in s'pore few days ago.. i thought of sneaking in at first, but then the casino regulation is so strict that make me dare not to do that even though i'm jz few weeks from officially becoming 21~ there was an obvious banner in front of the check point ::


Gosh...better dun take's not Riggit's sing dollar.... dun play play~ >_< the passport/identity card of each visitor will be scanned b4 entering the take turn to accompany me OUTSIDE of the casino.. many shops r still under construction & i cant get the s'pore public internet.. kinda boring actually during dat.. & ya, the parking fee is super expensive which is $ 8.00 per entry and $ 1.00 for the subsequent half an hour !

On the next day, we visited the other casino in s'pore which is in Resort World... you will b having a "WOW" expression when u reach ther. it's so great that will make you fall in love with it !!! it do has some simlilarities with Genting Highland i felt~

And today..supposingly be going Desa Water Park with by foster siblings.. the plan cancelled coz my little brother & sis fell sick.. pity them... current location is Genting Highlands.. Parents went into casino..and this time will b playing for a longer time..they dun gamble much, juz for the sake of playing..dat's y s'pore casino couldn't fulfil their desire due to the higher currency of $ dollar~

oh yea.. i dint planned to sneak into genting casino though.. =p

at 1720, 10 June 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

天下乌鸦一般黑 ?

All crows are black?

All dogs bites?

All guys cheat?

All girls like shopping?


Because there's always an exception... =)


~This is an albino crow i encountered in KL bird park~

at 0106, 2nd June 2010