Thursday, April 29, 2010

A year

Yea.. here goes another year... =2nd year of Doctor Veterinary Medicine= i had gone through~ this sem ended up like last sem which play > study ... 3rd year will a whole new one except for the carry on CGPA~ lolz.. new students coming in, new course offering in our faculty, and even a new building for us !

Looking back to my 1st year, matriculation, secondary...yes...time FLIES. i never thought of all the things that're happening. never thought of wanna become a vet before from 5 although i like animals since young.. * rmb the 'ambition form' dat v nid to fill in during primary? my 3 choices will always be human doctor, engineer, teacher/piano teacher * so funny... ^o^ feel that my path of life is like fated especially after form 5 where v all need to make a decision which will lead to a drastic change in our life. fated that i got a place in matriculation, fated that i got my 1st choice as vet (of course nid to put in efforts & sacrifice a lot also). let's say if i continue study STPM, i guess that my life now will definitely be very different. How different? this will remain as a question mark forever~~~ hmmm..proven that a decision is extremely crucial to change ones' life huh.. really need to think twice or mayb triple, quadruple---deeply before making a decision huh...

So...i'm officially in holiday now ! wish that my plans in this holiday will go smooth... got really sick with the obstacles previously !!!!!! X_X

And now, m exhauted because of insomnia last night (not planned to study till that late!! was just closing my eye without falling aslp !!!). 3 hours of sleep is jz too little for me..

Good night ! wish me get away from nightmares ! (of course i'll since it's an afternoon) >_<''

at 1629, 29th April 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

... xxx ...

...I cant cope with the summed up stresses anymore...

...i'm not the only one who's stress...

...juz dat my locus coeruleus is easily be stimulated...

...miss my childhood so much...

...wish me luck for the last anatomy paper on thurs...

at 0052, 28th april 2010

Friday, April 16, 2010


So...apparently it's EXAM MONTH...i PRISON myself in da access to internet for 10 days proud of myself..SWT !!!

Currently m so in love with an old song and an outdated game ::

Dynomite Deluxe (Time Trial)--The record is like impossible to break


at 2346, 16th April 2010

Sunday, April 4, 2010

an OUTSHINE day !

This is a MUST POST although ther're so many other more important things awaiting!

well..mei and i was planing to giv ccw a big surprise for his b'day weeks ago.. so today is da day (although his b'day aint today)! v estimated that he wil b back to KL at bout 3pm from Kedah since he said dat "I will arrived in the afternoon & b4 the evening. "

okay, before dat i've been telling a beautiful white lie to him dat i wanted his help in doing photoshop. haiya...feel so guilty...but nvmd la, no lie no surprise wat..

our original plan :
mei come to my house around 1pm --> go to jusco to buy present & cake --> wait for his call & hav lunch --> go to his house

who knows, out of a sudden i recieved his msg at 12.30pm saying dat he'll b reaching at 30 min time..alright, immediately i inform mei bout dat.. so ~plan A cancelled~

our plan B :
meet mei in body shop jusco --> buy the present --> go to MPH jz to use the pens to write down some wishes on the paper bag (hermm..i noe dat was bit improper..alrdy stress doing dat, yet recieved his call saying dat he's falling aslp soon coz i'm late...aiya..told another lie~ "my sis jz came back with the car".. stress level & guiltiness further increased..lolz) --> get the cake --> go to his house

Finally v were there! erm...i gonna say dat: "$, you're bit slow dis time larh ! " Seeing us going together, with the present & cake, after singing the b'day song, after making b'day wish, after blowing the candle... STILL asking bout my photoshop thingy ! adui...obviously v plan dat larh, not 顺便 de lerh.. haha ^^

*It was considered as a Perfect Plan ! heheee*

About 5.30pm, is time to go home.. the DISASTER happened after sending mei back.. u know..i'm not familiar with the road in Sri Gombak..after exiting left at the smallest roundabout i came to a 3-crossed-road.. guess wat ! i had made a stupid decision by choosing the middle way which leads me to KARAK highway~

When i saw the toll in front, immediately it looked very familiar to me coz i used to follow my dad to visit sis in Gambang matriculation n years ago & of course the way to Genting Highland.. wat the 'dut' !!! without touch n' go card with me i simply thrust rm10.00 to the cashier.. not sure how much she returned to me also..the thing appear in my mind was--hey, i hav a lot of stuff to study, i wanna go home, i gonna find a U-TURN asap! unfortunately there's no any turn...feel like screaming, shouting ! my blood cortisol level rises up to max for a few sec ! D*MN IT ! first time in my life saying dat phase few times ALOUD! frankly, it actually do help.. haaa...

Eventually, i reached the 1st guard house of Genting Highland ! gosh..i could act go up there and enjoy instead of making an ILLEGAL U-TURN in front of the guard house ! wat a waste of time & money ! wat else to do...make a call for help to ensure i'm on the rite way back larh.. *thx for the indications ccw*

And now, i'm finally on the right way heading home~ another toll, & now i realised dat it was rm5 per i spent rm10 for my mistake..unconciously speed up to 100km/hr.. aiz..."Kancil" is just so unstable for it.. suddenly saw sign board showing 60km/hr..hopefully dint get capture by the hidden camera larh..i guess i dint..heee...It's not the end YET, wat the 'dut' again...TRAFFIC JAM wey.....argh!!!!! fine...i'll be patient..........!!!

At last...i reached home at 6.30pm...PHEW~~~ finally HOME SWEET HOME ! aiz...wat else again....laughed by my parents n sis larh.... 0.0's good to get lost so that i can learn..but then...not today larh..luckily parents dint work tmr, so i can go back UPM on monday..feel sorry to myself if i dun skip the mon classes rite? >_<>