Saturday, February 12, 2011

Duty Roster

** Dang Dang Dang Dang **

The picture above shows my college house duty roster created by the chief of the house !!! =p Although it hardly get ppl's attention (due to lack of design), it's informative indeed ! haha...

1. can u c my next duty wil b on the 12nd week? so happy dat i'm not involve in doing house chores for 1, 2......5 weeks !!! yeah yeah... ^^

2. look at the row of room no. --> ther're 6 stripes... indicating 6 weeks had gone for my sem 6... OMG!!! 8 weeks left to final then i'm gonna enter 4th year. cant believe, so fast!!!!

on the 8th week, i'll become the surgeon in a neutering surgery for the 1st time!!! gan jiong... hopefully i can finish the procedures smoothly...praying hard drop pedicle wont happen !!!! please please please!!! *finger crossing* hehe...

well, bellow is my current hair style lor... ash brown & curl & fringe... >.<

I know i'm really late..but hav to say also : " Happy new year 2011 & Happy Bunny year ya!!! " ~may everyone healthy & happy~

at 1820, 12/02/2011

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  1. nvm, u r forgiven coz u already wished me happy bunny year~ haha~ +U+U xuan...