Sunday, July 17, 2011


Have been a long time dint update my blog! being a lazy worm lately & trying not to mention so much 'I, ME, MY, MINE' in whatever social network since it sounds bit narcissism...lolz.. anyway, I gonna ignore dis mindset today coz I would like to made today as a memorable one. hehe

Yes! I will be heading to South Korea tmr! having complicated feeling right now. how to say...b4 this, was so eager to reach the day of departure.. however, now, ther'r a mixture of happiness, nervousness, excitement & worries..I'm afraid that I'll b having homesick later although it is jz an 18 days trip!!! geeee.... wat to do...very seldom go overseas.. the countries I've been can be counted by 5 fingers(including m'sia).

That's mine! My little handmade notebook~
jz blindly copy the korean letters from the net. haha

it's Me !

hahaha..i've used all the i me my mine although some of them is like write in purpose! frankly, it'll b quite challenging to write an 'essay' without using those words.. =p

1534hrs, 18th July 2011

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